KMC Crossfest


KMC Crossfest

September closed out with the KMC Crossfest at Thompson International Speedway in Thompson, CT. Held at the speedway, but it was all dirt, grass, and hills..or at least almost. This year the course was changed up quite a bit from last year. The 2 mile course used the fields, dirt, grass, and elevation that Thompson has to offer. The fast straights, tight turns, short steep run-ups (ride if you can), off cambers, steep descent, and uphill finish kept the race challenging and a lot of fun to ride.

Saturday racing was part of the CT Cyclocross Series, while Sunday was was a USA Cycling PROCX event. My racing was in the Masters 50+ category, and as you may know I often refer to as the really fast old guys. And you may also know that I’m no longer fast, but I enjoy it anyway and have fun at every race. Both days I do think that I did well for myself. I think that this race course might be one of my favorite courses too. I finished 31st on Saturday and 26th on Sunday, and -1 lap each day, but overall I had two very good races.

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