Cyclocross Just 3 Weeks Away



It’s already August, and that means that cyclocross season will be here very soon. In fact, for me, it’s just 3 weeks away. Yep, cyclocross in August. August 26 to be exact. The Syracuse Bicycle Cyclocross Festival will be held August 25 and 26 on the grounds of Empire Farms Brewery in Cazenovia, NY. The weekend will include a cyclocross clinic on the  25th with a full day of racing on the 26th. Normally I would start my season in Springfield, MA at the Blunt Park Cyclocross Race. This year I wanted to do something different so I’m going west instead of east.

With only 3 weeks left until racing, I really need to ramp up my ‘cross specific training…running, barriers, dismounts, remounts, etc. So far it seems to just needing to shake off the rust.

My race plans for this season are pretty much the same as other years with the NYCROSS Series being my main focus. Other races will be Gloucester weekend, Syracuse weekend, Northampton weekend, with a few other weekends and individual races where and when I can.

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