Windham Race the World

I’ve probably have put in more laps at Windham Mountain than any other place that I have ever mountain biked.

Riding the "Mini Wall" at Windham Mountain

Riding the “Mini Wall” at Windham Mountain photo by: Jennifer Harvey

I’ve been riding and racing there since 2008 when they held the old NMBS East Coast National. That race made Windham my favorite place to race. I have raced there every year since 2008, and have put in countless laps on the same very challenging race course. I’ve had some great races and results at Windham and some not so great. In 2014, a 15th place result isn’t want I was looking for, but I rode strong with what I call the really fast old guys (Cat 2 50+ Masters). For me, better than the result, was that I turned in a personal best on the same course that I’ve been riding and racing on since 2008.

As always, thanks to Hammer Nutrition for keeping me fueled, to Duro Tire for the awesome tires that were flawless on this course, and to both Rudy Project and AXO Cycling for keeping my head, my feet and my hands protected.

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