A Busy Spring Turning Into A Busier Summer

blingMy 2014 mountain bike season is off to a strong start. For what I call my pre-season as I ramp up for the New York State MTB Series and the several ultra-endurance races that are quickly approaching. I’ve raced 3 races from New England’s Root 66 Race Series, and came out with two 2nd place podiums and a 4th. All three races I felt good…I feel like I’m way ahead of my typical training curve for the spring.

While the New York State MTB Series starts June 8 with the Williams Lake Classic, I am training hard for three ultra-endurance races that follow the Williams Lake Classic…June 22 – Wlimington-Whiteface 50k, June 28 – Wildcat 50k and July 5 – Cedar City, UT 60k. Throw in two local mountain bike races in between all this and I’ll be very busy with 6 races coming up within 28 days.

When I get back from Utah, I’ll take a week off before I start to get ready for Nationals in Bear Creek Resort, PA. This year is definitely the toughest and most demanding season that I’ve planned. And I have to say it…I couldn’t do it without being fueled by Hammer Nutrition.

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