30 Minute Workouts For Your Indoor Taining

If you are like me, riding the trainer/exercise bike or running on the treadmill is like watching golf without Tiger and Phil. You can do it, but it really isn’t fun.

I do try to ride through the winter, but every year it gets harder. So, while I try to ride outside as much as I can, I often find myself on the trainer/exercise bike or the treadmill. I know the workout isn’t going to last long, so I try to get the most of my indoors workouts. I came across this article from Outside Magazine, and some of it is very similar to what I do now. I did tweaked my current workouts a bit to follow some of these a little more closely.

30-Minute Holiday Workouts.

Traveling and time-crunched? Sneak in these 30-minute workouts to maintain your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and sanity this holiday season.

“A 30-minute workout can be a great way to mentally take the pressure off of feeling like you are working out,” says your coach, Gina Kehr, a former pro triathlete with five top-10 finishes at the Ironman World Championship, and a coach for Endurance Corner and Stanford University’s Triathlon team. “With limited time, it is good to make it count.” Below, Kehr shares seven triathlon-inspired workouts designed to do just that.

Read the full article and get the workouts here–>> 30-Minute Holiday Workouts | Endurance | OutsideOnline.com.

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