Bethlehem Cup: Finale

The Cyclocross Series wrapped up on Sunday November 10 with the annual Bethlehem Cup. The race is held at Elm Avenue Park in Delmar, NY. Each year the guys at CBRC and NYCROSS do a great job at putting on this event. Each year the course consists of tight turns, fast straights, a steep downhill and a true run-up that no one is trying to ride. This year, the course was set up a little different than past years, but all the same great features of the park were included.

I again raced in the Cat 4/5 race. This was my first time back on the cyclocross bike after my hand/finger injury required switching to racing on a fully rigid mountain bike for a flat handlebar and mountain bike brake levers. I still had some minor difficulty with my finger, but for the most part it was all good on the cyclocross bike. I didn’t have a great finish. I ended up finishing 34th…although the official results reflect 39th. This was another fun year racing the Cyclocross Series and their Thursday Night Lights Series.

Now it’s back on the mountain bike for the remainder of the fall and the winter.

Full results for the 2013 Bethlehem Cup can be found here.

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