‘Cross Season Is Cut Short

Still healing from a ruptured tendon

Still healing from a ruptured tendon

As I have previously posted, I wasn’t really sure if cyclocross racing was going to part of my fall cycling. While my finger is healing from a ruptured tendon (mallet finger), I decided to go against doctor’s orders and race anyway. I raced, I had fun and I struggled…but had a lot of fun doing it. My finger is really working against me on the cyclocross bike. I’ve been having a very difficult time braking with my left hand, so at times, I’m not in full control of the bike. I haven’t had any crashes as a result of this, but I have had several close calls. So, the bad news is that my cyclocross season is more than likely over for 2013. I may try to race the Bethlehem Cup in November, but that will depend on the status of healing. But the good news is that my finger doesn’t really effect my mountain biking. I can easily and efficiently brake with my left hand. This will allow me to have more open weekend dates for one or two more mountain bike races. There are a couple of night time mountain bike races coming up along the the annual HRRT Giving Thanks MTB Race on Thanksgiving morning. I’m sure I can get a couple of those races in.

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