SuperB Bike Tools 2 in 1 Master Link Pliers – The Trident

Here is a tool that I found and is absolutely invaluable. The Super B 2 in 1 Master Link Pliers. Using a connector link or Missing Link on your chain is great for taking the off and on the bike. But it can get a little difficult trying to use needle nose pliers or your fingers or two different connector link tools. The Super B 2 in 1 Master Link Pliers makes it simple. One tool to open/remove the connector link and to re-install/snap together the connector link.

Super B’s geniuses patent and award-winning 2 in 1 Master Link Pliers that allows the master link to be installed and removed by hand.

Bold and simple is their philosophy. No complicated structure, a unique design and specially sized jaws to make removal and connection of master links quick and easy. The pliers are made from precision, high-grade steel and featuring cushion grips for comfort.

It’s easy to use and built to last for professional daily use and the home mechanic alike.

How to release the master link for each manufactory is different. Make sure how to release the master link before use, or you will broken the master link.
PYC (check TYPE A or TYPE B before use)
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