West Hurley Burley: NYS MTB Series #5

Race #5 of the NYS MTB Series, the West Hurley Burly Backyard World Championships, mostly referred to as the West Hurley Burley or just the Burley was not one of my best days of racing. The course was a fun course with lots and lots of technical singltrack. A lot of singletrack, a lot of shale and pretty much no climbing. The elevation change throughout the course was rolling terrain at best. It’s not a complaint, just a description.

After the start, where everyone but me took to wrong side of the course tape (yeah, I was the only rider that was on course), we went into the singletrack to complete the 2.8 mile first lap. Crossing the start/finish line for the second lap, we went into the wood in a different direction to a 3 mile second lap. I rode mostly well, but I just didn’t feel all that great. I was also having trouble using the left brake lever with my torn ligament finger. So for the second lap, I just settled in rode at my own pace. None of the second lap was racing for me…just riding. As other riders wanted to pass, I let them. I still managed a 7th place finish. With one race remaining in the series, I am still holding 2nd overall, age/category, for the series.

Here are the Burley results:

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