Blackburn Atom SL Cyclometer

The Blackburn Atom SL computer is the most user friendly bike computer I have used. It’s easy to setup and packed with features. The large screen lets you see it at a quick glance. One of the best features is the ability to install it on the handlebar or the stem. But, the BEST feature is the retail price of only $19.99

Blackburn Atom SL Cyclometer

Blackburn Atom SL Cyclometer


  • Wired
  • Super thin and lightweight
  • Current, average and max speed w/pace arrow
  • Trip distance/odometer
  • Ride timer, 12/24 hr clock, auto scan
  • Bar or Stem Mounting

Blackburn computers let you geek out to your heart’s content—how far, how fast, how much climbing—there’s a Blackburn computer that will tell you, precisely, so you can quantify your bragging rights. What makes a Blackburn computer? Durability, for one thing—it’s got a lifetime warranty, and with electronics that’s like finding a unicorn grazing on your front lawn. And ease of use, for another—with simple two-button setup, a tall, incredibly easy-to-read display font and a four-screw battery door that’s more weathertight than the usual twist-with-a-coin setup on lesser computers. Some days, you just want to ride. But on days when you’ve gotta know, there’s a Blackburn Atom to data-mine your ride.

Go ahead. Embrace your inner cycling nerd—geek out to your heart’s content.

Visit Blackburn here –>Blackburn Design

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