Wildcat Epic 100K

My first 100K mountain bike race is in the books. Well, actually it was my first ever my 100K ever on a mountain bike. The Wildcat Epic 100 (100 mile or 100K) was held May 11, 2013. 100 miles wan’t even a though for me, 100K was plenty. The race ended up 70 mile which is roughly 113K. There was  a lot of climbing, a lot of great singletrack, fast, oh so fast, descents after the climbs and a whole lot of rain. The course took us through Williams Lake trails and cave (twice), Mohonk Preserve, Minnewaska State Park and many points in between.

I wasn’t sure how I would do in a race like this. I’ve race 4hrs and 6hrs, but nothing like this. And I wasn’t sure how I would do, being only the 2nd week of May, with fitness still coming. I actually did well for my expectations. My goals were to finish and at a reasonable time. However, I have no idea what a reasonable time would be. My end result was 37th (56 starters) in the 100K Open Men with a time 08:05:04. This race was also a good race in my preparation for the Wilmington-Whiteface 50K In June.

And a huge thanks to Duro Tire, Hammer Nutrition, Rudy Project and Tri-Flow Lubricants.

Full results can be found at: http://www.coolrunning.com/results/13/ny/May11_WIldca_set1.shtml

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