How to Safely Mountain Bike at Night

The Expert: Mark Hendershot (Santa Cruz Syndicate) is a man of many talents: organic farmer, floor-covering expert, pedicab business owner. But where the 44-year-old Grand Rapids, Michigan, native truly excels is on the racecourse–especially the 24-hour kind. Over the past nine years, Hendershot’s been a consistent podium finisher in the World and National Solo 24 Hour Championships, effectively scratching out a place among the elite of the endurance world. His secrets? Confidence–and quality lights.

“When I first started, the equipment was junk,” he says. “It was a common occurrence for your lights to go out on the trail.” Today’s high-end lights have all but relegated sudden darkness to the history books. The key to successful night rides now, Hendershot says, is knowing how to use your lights–and your head. We caught up with Hendershot before the national championships to hear how he does it.

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