Adirondack Cyclocross

Note to self: Don’t do a cyclocross race after three days in Vegas.

Adirondack Cyclocross

Adirondack Cyclocross – Photo by: Thierry Blanchet

Today was the inaugural Adirondack Cyclocross race held in Johnstown, NY, It was put on by the Adirondack Velo Club, a club in the Fulton/Montgomery counties area of NY. I was looking forward to this race for a couple of reasons. It is fairly close and it’s a new race on the New York cyclocross calendar and I want to give my support to grow area cyclocross racing. The course felt long. Each of my laps was 11-12 minutes. The course was similar in design to the Kirkland course and suited me well. There was a lot of tight turns, off camber zig-zags on hillsides and long fast straights…well, fast for other riders. Overall, I liked the course, I just wish I had it in me to ride better today.

I had skipped racing in Connecticut on Saturday. I was still pretty wiped out from spending three days in Las Vegas with a very long travel day home. I was hoping to be well rested for Sunday’s race. I was rested compared to Friday and Saturday, but not rested to have a good race on Sunday. A slow start with heavy legs was pretty much the story of my race. The end result for me was another 16th place, about 10 minutes behind the winner. I did finish on the same lap which is always a goal in every race.

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