Americans Support Federal Funding For Biking and Walking

Ask Your Member of Congress to Protect Funding in the Transportation Bill

( Senators and Representatives are meeting now to create a final transportation bill, and we need your help to protect the funds that the Senate designated for local biking and walking programs.

We are working to preserve the Cardin-Cochran agreement. This agreement was part of the Senate bill passed two months ago with bipartisan support. It allows local governments and school systems to access much-needed funds to make bicycling and walking safer and more accessible, in response to local needs. The agreement does not increase the overall size of the transportation bill, it simply maintains a funding stream that local governments have used for over 20 years to provide their citizens with a variety of safe transportation options.

Funding for bicycling and walking has popular support—a recent Princeton survey found that 83 percent of Americans support federal funds for sidewalks and bike lanes.

Please act now.  Fill in your zip code, below, or, if you’re seeing this in an email, click here to go to our action center.

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