Colnago Prestige Disc Brake CX Bike

Ok, so a Colnago is probably out on my reach, the Prestige Disc still just might be my dream cyclocross bike.

Cyclocross bicycles have to be ridden through some of the worst conditions, and usually due to the time of the year that the Cyclocross season is running those conditions are normally wet and cold. The wet/cold/muddy conditions are the perfect environment in which to render regular rim brakes inadequate. With the increasing popularity of Cyclocross, and the courses changing to include longer and more technical downhill section the best braking system to have is a disc brake system. This is why Colnago has made their championship winning Prestige chassis compatible with disc brakes.

Colnago Prestige Disc

Coming soon: Colnago Prestige disc brake CX bike

Aside from the braking performance, there are other key benefits too. Wheel removal and insertion is easier, as there are no brakes to loosen or release during the wheel change. There are also no brake assemblies out by the wheel rim/tire area, so the wheels can rotate within the frame and the fork in the muddiest of conditions without having brakes that will act as mud-collectors. With a newly designed fork, and the uncluttered seatstay area at the rear, the Prestige offers large tire clearances almost unseen before on a Cyclocross bicycle.

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