Endless Bike Company’s Kick-Ass-Cogs

Endless Bike Company Kick-Ass-CogsIf you’re a singlespeed rider, and you’re like me, you are often looking for a lower gear for those climbs. I would rather have a lower gear for climbing, than a higher gear to avoid spinning on the flats. I currently use a 22T on my Redline MonoCog 29er. I would love to have a 23T or 25T. I could never find more than a 22T…that is until now.

Introducing Endless Bike Company’s Kick-Ass-Cogs. According to Endless Bike Company, at a full quarter inch wide (6.35mm) at the splines, Kick-Ass-Cogs simply will not damage your free hub body the way a narrower cog can. Made of high strength 7075-T6 alloy (Stronger and harder than most common steels), Kick-Ass-Cogs are precision machined insuring perfect axial and radial alignment that compliments the superior chain lines that cassette style hubs allow.

The specially engineered tooth profile on Kick-Ass-Cogs improves both cog and chain life while minimizing drive train friction. With a Kick-Ass-Cog on your bike, you can expect a smooth, quiet drivetrain for miles to come.

Like all EndlessBikeCo. Products, Kick-Ass-Cogs are made in the USA, in Western North Carolina; not in some faceless factory on the other side of the planet.

Cog sizes range from 14T-25T in single tooth increments. You can buy Kick-Ass-Cogs and all their products direct from Endless Bike Company’s website.

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