Partyin’ And Pedaling: A People-Powered Limo

RENO, NV – What has four wheels, ten sets of pedals, one driver and 14 passengers who seem to be having a lot of fun? It’s called a cycle pub and it could be coming to Reno streets soon.

Think of it as a portable party, both vehicle and venue for a gathering of good friends. Ladies night, beer crawls, wine walks, bachelor parties. You get the idea.

It’s kind of like hiring a limo, except it doesn’t move unless it’s passengers provide the power.

“I always jokingly tell people to choose their friends well because if your friends are in pretty good shape you’ll have a better time,” says James Watts who says he’s found success with the cycle pub on the streets of Bend, Oregon.

As soon as he and partner Mike Ball can get local licensing they hope to be hiring this vehicle out to local groups for a quick turn around town.

Yes those are drink holders in what seems to be a bar in front of each passenger perched on a bicycle seat.

Truth be told that’s half the idea, but the company doesn’t serve drinks. It’s strictly a BYOB proposition.

Their driver stays sober and responsible and this isn’t the kind of ride you can hail from the sidewalk.

“We don’t want people running up and trying to jump on either,” says Ball. “So you’re going to be booking your tour, two hour tours at a time.”

One can imagine with a dozen or so close friends aboard it could be a lot of fun, if tiring. After a block or two of pedaling you appreciate a red light.”

In any case,it’s a sure bet those who book it for the evening will be making frequent stops at local watering holes.

Altogether it doesn’t take much thought to imagine what a night out on the town would be like.

“I like to call it your own personal parade because you just can’t help but grab people’s attention,” says Watts. “You get people honking and waving and people on the sidewalk are running down the sidewalk taking pictures of you. So it’s certainly a lot of fun if you like to be the center of attention.”

That much is clear.

You can’t book a tour just yet. Ball says the cycle pub is licensed in Carson City. Licensing in Reno is pending. He and Watts figure it will take a couple more weeks.

Two hour tours will cost $300. For a capacity group of 14 that figures out to be about $20 a head.

via Partyin’ And Pedaling: A People-Powered Limo.

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