The much anticipated Airborne Guardian 29er’s are arriving

Airborne Bicycles has provided an update on the much anticipated Guardian 29er…They are almost here. They should be in the port in CA any day now for customs clearing. Here is Airborne’s update:

UPDATE: We just received word that the container of Guardians will arrive at the port on FRIDAY, 4/6. Allowing time for customs clearance, etc, that means we should be shipping out bikes sometime next week!!

Thanks to all who pre-ordered Guardian 29ers! The response was far greater than we could have ever imagined! Here is a quick UPDATE: We are waiting for the shipping container to land at the port in California. We are still holding out hope it will be this week. However, worst-case-scenario is that it will arrive next week. AS SOON as we get word that they have landed we will let everyone know so that everyone can be on the look-out for their bikes. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

Airborne Guardian

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