A Look at the Airborne Delta CX Cyclocross Bike

The Airborne Bicycles Delta CX  is one of the best cyclocross values that I have come across. It’s great spec features:

  • Airborne’s Disc-Specific Cyclocross frame/fork
  • Carbon fork
  • SRAM Apex 10-speed group
  • FSA Gossamer BB30 46/36 Cranks
  • Alex RACE 24 Wheelset
  • FSA bars, stem, and post
The Airborne Delta CX come in size: 50, 53, 55, 57, 59. The retail price is $999.95.
Airborne Delta CX

The word Delta means change,and that’s what the Delta cyclocross bike means to us at Airborne. On several levels.

First, it’s a change in product direction for us. It’s not a mountain bike. Several of us are mad about ‘cross racing here; having logged countless hours in cold fall/winter weather training for and racing CX. When the decision was made to finally do a ‘cross bike, we ran headlong at it…sort of a Le Mans-style start.

Second, it’s a change in the way ‘cross bikes are made. This is one of the first bikes to take advantage of the new UCI rules allowing disc brakes for ‘cross racing. No more crudded-up canti brakes; no more wheels that can’t move from all of the mud. We believe this ruling will change the entire sport of ‘cross; opening it up even more for the masses and folks on a budget. We believe in it so much that we ditched the canti mounts altogether.

Some may think its a bold move. We prefer to call it “vision”.

Third and finally, the Delta is our first bike with a BB30 bottom bracket. This is one of those things that most of us dismissed as “marketing-gimmick” until we spent a lot of time with it. BB30 is smooth. It’s stiff. It’s easy to service. And we think it’s here to stay.

For those of you who aren’t quite the ‘cross fanatics we are, but just want a great bike for commuting or riding in foul weather, we have you in mind too. The Delta has mounts for both fenders and a rack. While the geometry is great for ‘cross, its also just as well suited for a commuter or foul-weather bike.

We’ve grown quite fond of SRAM road groups here at the office, and the APEX group performs just as well as its more expensive Rival and Force brothers. The SRAM Double-Tap shifting system is probably one of the most intuitive systems to use as far as we are concerned.The 36/46 FSA Gossamer crank coupled with a wide 10-speed range in the rear means this bike is as equally at home off-road as it is climbing your own mini-Ventoux on the way to the office.

A custom EVO carbon fork with plenty of mud clearance rounds out what we feel is one of the best bangs for your buck on the market.

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