26 vs. 29er: Go on, give a 29er a try

26 vs. 29erThe debate between 26″ and 29″ mountain bikes will never go away. There has been many articles written about the topic, and many tests done comparing the two. For years, I was one of those riders that wanted nothing to do with a 29er…that is until I rode one. Only 5 minutes on the bike and I was a believer and advocate for the 29er.

Owning five mountain bikes, there’s only two that I ride…my Redline MonoCog 29er and my Motobecane Fantom 29. The other mountain bikes that I have, I use for friends to ride. But when I let someone try my 29er, they don’t want to give it back. They’re hooked too.

The naysayers will tell you that a 29er takes longer to get up to speed and a 29er doesn’t handle as good in tight twisty singletrack. Both of my 29ers handle very good in the tight twisty terrain. Physics might prove that a 29er takes longer to get up to speed, but over a 2 hour race, lets face it, that few second longer getting you up to speed, make no difference. But, what is a difference is that once you get up to speed, that speed is faster than a 26 inch. That, my friend, you cannot debate. The 29er wheel will also go over obstacles easier allowing you to maintain your momentum. This will also smooth out your ride making a hardtail ride smoother. And, because the 29er roles over obstacle easier, you don’t have to pick and choose your line as much as a 26″. This means a straighter faster line. Add it all together, and you are still faster than a 26″ wheel mountain bike.

Read the singletrack.com article Revisiting the Rancor: 26 v. 29. About a year ago, they did an in depth comparison of 26″ hardtail, 26″ full suspension and 29er hardtail.

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