CX Season Recap

We might be smack dab in the middle of cyclocross season, but my 2011 season is finished. Bethlehem Cup, the last race of the Cyclocross Series, was most likely my last race of the season. This year I race the full series, the first time I race the whole series. This year was also probably the most challenging year too. With the challenges of areas still recovering form Hurricane Irene and an early season freak snow storm cancelling one race, as always, and all the race promoters did a great job putting on the series.
This was my third year racing ‘cross and my third year racing the series. Each year I have seen, not only growth in the sport, but significant growth in the series. This goes to show that we have a quality cyclocross series right here in our backyard. Each week I race with a great bunch of guys, and each year that group gets bigger.
Some of the races this year were also part of the ECCC Cyclocross Series for the college ranks. This, I’m sure, played a large part in the growth in the series and certainly added to the competitiveness of the races. It was great to see 60 racers in a Cat 4 race that might have only had 30 in the past.
Each week and each year I learn more and I like to think that I become more proficient in CX. And while many of my friends are still out there racing well into the winter months, I’ll be working hard preparing for an early spring start of the mountain bike season, and as always, looking forward to another great series in 2012.
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