CX @ Brewery Ommegang: race #2

Round two of the Cyclocross Series was held on Sunday October 2 at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY. If you actually need a reason to visit a brewery or Cooperstown, a cyclocross race is as good a reason as any. This is my third season racing cyclocross, and my third year at the Ommegang race. It’s not a difficult race course in Cooperstown, but the tremendous amount of rain we have had over the last month or so, made a challenging course. Isn’t part of the cyclocross thing all about the mud? Sure it is. But this day started by putting my Jeep in four wheel drive to get into the field to park. The whole race course was rideable but slick. I do fare much better if things are dryer, but these conditions are fun to race in. The masters field was ~30 racers. I raced (rode) my 45 minutes and finished -2 laps. The top guys are just crazy fast in any conditions.
Next up in the series is the Uncle Sam Cyclocross Gran Prix in Troy. Two days of racing, October 15-16. This is always a good race…and it’s close, just a short 20 minute drive for me.
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