Kirkland Cyclocross

The Cyclocross Series got underway over the weekend with the Kirkland Cyclocross Race. The race was held at Kirkland Town Park in the village of Clinton, NY. The day started out with the drive to Clinton, via the New York State Thruway. The parts of the Thruway that had been closed due to flooding from Hurricane Irene. The Thruway was open, but you could see along the way the water line showing how high the water had been. Water still receding from field and back yard and construction sites. I can’t imagine what it was like after the storms.
Once I made it to the race, all my cyclocross friends were there, and pulling into the parking area, I could tell that the race was going to be muddy. The ground was just soaked with water that made some sections of the ~2 mile course tough to pedal through…how often is the sand pit easier than an open field. It was a fun course, a challenging course and a sloppy course.
For my first ‘cross race of the season, I think I did pretty good…no crashes, the barriers come naturally now and the run-ups are faster than a walk. Results aren’t really that big of a deal anymore. Of course a descent result is nice, but the race is for the love of cycling. A good result is just a bonus for that day. I did finish 40th overall in the Masters 1/2/3 race. How it’s broken down to age, I don’t know.
Race #2 in the Cyclocross Series is on October 2 – CX @ Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY.
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