One is Enough: Why You Should Give Singlespeed Mountain Biking a Chance (July 28, 2011) – Do you remember the first time you saw someone riding a singlespeed (SS) mountain bike? I bet your first thought was “what do they think they’re doing out here without any gears? Don’t they know they have to ride up hills?” I also bet you were immensely confused when they rode away from you on a climb – I know I was! After my first SS encounter I walked away with the conclusion that you must have to be a beast to ride a SS MTB – I mean, it’s gotta be really hard, right? I’m going to let you in on a secret: singlespeeding isn’t nearly as difficult as you think. Heck, I rode almost exclusively on a SS for over a year, and trust me – I’m not that strong. Read the full article here
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