Windham World Cup Mountain Bike festival 2011

(Ski Windham – Windham, NY) – As part of the UCI World Cup Mountain Bike race festivities at Windham, we are pleased to present the second year of the XC, “Race the World” event. “Race the World” will again be part of the New York State MTB series (check out for details) and this year, we’re happy to announce it will also be part of the Root 66 series.
All XC races will be on Sunday. Please see for a detailed schedule and more information about the UCI races and other weekend festivities.
The Windham World Cup and “Race the World” events are being organized by the community and are not-for-profit; any net revenue will support community trails for public use. Registration will entitle you to participate in all World Cup festivities at Windham Mountain including a Friday night Block Party with a 100m time-trial sprint (“Drag Race”) in front of the pub; live music on Saturday night (bands TBA); and a “Big Wheel” race down a steep, paved course (BYOBW). To encourage attendance, and unlike most international World Cup venues, there will be no fees charged to enter the venue or the consumer and tech expos. To help defray the tremendous organizing costs and to keep the World Cup in the US, a minimal fee for parking – $10 for an entire carload for one day, or $25 for three days – will be charged. Prize pay out is subject to registration enrollment.
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