Winter is Here, But Riding is Too…Sometimes…

Well, we’re certainly in the off season…if there is an off season. More snow, more cold and more riding the trainer. For me, riding the trainer is worse than watching golf on television without Tiger Woods playing. I still manage to get out and ride my single speed 29er, but not enough. Even though I keep the snow cleared so I can ride laps on my short track, it’s hard to get psyched to ride when it’s 20 degrees. Riding the CX bike on the road and dirt roads is there too, but I still need it a little bit less cold out there.
So, off season training is coning along and the first races in March will be here before you know it. This coming season I’m planning a different schedule through the spring and summer…splitting my racing between mountain bike and road bike. Then, in the fall race as much cyclocross as I have the time for.
Some of my planned events for the ’11 season are: Singlespeed-a-Palooza, Darkhorse 40, Blackfly Challenge, Strawberry Festival Classic Road Race, Tour of the Catskills, Altamont Criterium and the Cyclocross Series.
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