Black Fly Challenge

From the Black Fly Challenge website

The Black Fly Challenge is a classic Adirondack mountain bike race that takes place every year on the second Saturday in June. The race changes direction every year with the start and finish alternating between Indian Lake and Inlet, NY. Over half the 40 mile course traverses the rugged Moose River Recreation Area on mountain roads composed of dirt, gravel, sand and exposed boulders with several steep elevation changes. The top racers finish the race in about two hours while the rest of the field may take four or more hours. It’s called a mountain bike race but there’s a strong cyclocross contingent and that category appears to be growing, especially among the top finishers.
This year is the 15th running of the race and is being held on Saturday June 12, 2010. The 2009 Black Fly Challenge saw a record 300 entries, a rise in the number of female competitors and continued growth in cyclocross competition.
The Sport and Beginner mtb categories remain strong but some competitors moved from the Expert mtb category to the new Cyclocross category, thus lowering the level of competition in Expert. It has become apparent that the BFC may need to add a Cyclocross age class and combine Expert age classes.
While the BFC is no longer affiliated with NORBA, the old NORBA guidelines still make sense: Any category with less than 5 competitors should be combined into another category.
For complete race information, visit their website at
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