Manitou Rethought, Re-engineered, Re-energized!

As a mountain biker for many years, I’ve seen dozens of riders and companies come and go. One company I have always admired is Manitou but lately (the past few years) I feel like they haven’t been seen around much. Besides sightings of the Dorado (more on that later), the R7 on some winning XC bikes, and mentions of the Minute forks, the company seems to have been keeping a low profile. Well, I had the great opportunity to speak with one of the many people who are pushing Manitou back into the spotlight with an all new, shiny line up. Richard, or Rich for those who know him, has a passion for anything with two wheels and a frame. Before his present position at Manitou he was the product manager during the development of the Stroker line of brakes at Hayes.
Richard has moved on to the Manitou division…Read more
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