Back With EVOMO Mountain Bike Team for Another Year

EVOMO BRING THE RUKUS – I’ll be riding for Team Evomo mountain bike team again for the 2010 race season. Evomo is an apparel company with the coolest original designs for mountain bike t’s, hoodies, jackets and hats. Evomo has the coolest riders on the teams too.
From the Evomo website

What the heck is this Evomo thing?

Evomo is the most progressive lifestyle clothing brand to hit the mountain bike scene. We are providing fresh, original designs and accessories for the style minded rider.
Evomo Style is an image that we live. Most of us here aren’t really that good at mountain biking (except for the Team riders- they kill it!). I mean its the rest of us that might be a little on the head wound end of things. It’s either one of us on the side of the trail vomiting up a nuke-em breakfast burito and a coke or another guy is laid out on the trail bleeding. Its not like we suck, but we just dont ride really good. I dont mind so much actually because a lot of our inspiration for the Evomo style comes from our experiences riding and the epic road trips we take. Its all part of the Evomo style.
We participate in the sport, and we think thats key. We freaking LOVE to ride! We also try our best to support the sport too. CORBA, for example, is the Concerned Off-Road Bicycle Association located here in LA. We are working to contribute to the needs of their organziation whenever possible. They have worked many long hours to keep countless trails open in Los Angeles County. Trail closure all over the US is an on going battle for all mountain bikers.
Do you surf? Do you skate? Do you snowboard? Maybe you do one or none of those sports. Either way, all you need to know is put all those old worn out surf shirts in a trash bag. Then, tomorrow, on your way to the trailhead, drop them off at the Goodwill, cause the only thing you will need to wear is Evomo!
time to ride,
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