Blunt Park Cyclocross #2 – Yep it’s ‘Cross Season

When is the start of cyclocross season? USA Cycling says September 1. If it didn’t start then, it definitely started today. At 6:30 am today when I left for the Bunt Park Cyclocross race, it was 49 degrees and raining. At 9:00 am, race time, at Blunt Park in Springfield, MA, it was still pretty close to that. The first Blunt Park race at the end of August was hot and dry. It didn’t really feel like cyclocross. Today was all cyclocross. The only thing missing was a little bit of snow. Oops…did I say that four letter word?
The course was slightly different this time around. Tighter turns, barriers in a different spot and mud. I know that I am new to cyclocross racing, but it just seems to me that the mud is a part of the racing. It just doesn’t feel complete without the mud. But maybe that’s just the mountain bike part of me.
There is a learning curve for me with cyclocross. I’m slowly working my way up the curve. With two races under my belt, the second race was definitely better than the first. For me winning is not an option, but time and laps are important. Again I was -1 lap, but being lapped by the leaders happened much later in the race this time. I’m getting the bike fine tuned for the typical conditions encountered. And, I’m getting more proficient on my dismount and mounts at the obstacles.
For some, 41st place would be discouraging, but for me, it’s what I expect in my second ever cyclocross race. I see improvements in my technique and in my bike handling. I now have two more monthe to continue to improve those skills.
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