Race Season Is Underway With a 2nd Place

2nd place Root 66 - Hop Brook Dam MTB Race

2nd place Root 66 – Hop Brook Dam MTB Race

The 2014 race season has started for me with the Root 66 opener at Hop Brook Dam in Middlebury, CT. Near perfect weather, in fact, it was my first day in short sleeves since sometime in September. The same course as I remembered, with a very good mix of double and single-track. I moved up in age category to 50+, which means smaller fields, but in no way means lesser competition. I ended up finishing a strong 2nd place. I just couldn’t hang on the climbs, with the guy that won. My new Cannondale Scalpel 4 handled great, but I still need some fine tuning on the suspention.

Thanks to my sponsors: Hammer Nutrion, Duro Tire, Rudy Project and AXO Sports for their support for this season.

Hammer Nutrition Endurance News Issue #89

Being a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete has many perks. But this has to be the coolest one…being featured in print and online advertisements. Hammer Nutrition’s Endurance News #89 (http://www.hammernutrition.com/downloads/ENews/ENissue89.pdf) has been shipped and here is the inside back cover…pretty cool, huh?

Endurance News #89

Hammer Nutrition Endurance News #89

Video: More Winter Training

…And another video from my winter training. This video being 13 minutes long is more of a “movie short”. The snow is slowly melting, and unfortunately, more is on the way. So, I’m enjoying riding my new Cannondale Salpel 4 29er on the dirt roads. Little or no traffic to contend with is always a good thing too. http://youtu.be/5mfPBDmjq7I

Working Out at Night Won’t Affect Your Sleep

Good news for the busy fit man (or bad news if all you want to do is sink in a couch and zone out at the end of a hard day), a new study says that gut-busting workouts late in the evening won’t affect how well you sleep that night. Typically, “sleep recommendations suggest avoiding exercise prior to bed,” Matthew Buman, the study’s lead author told Reuters. “We found evidence to the contrary suggesting that individuals need not avoid exercise at night.” The researchers collected data from the 2013 National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America Poll, and found that people who exercised right before bed reported that they had slept just as well as those who didn’t. [Reuters]

via Men’s Fitness – Working Out at Night Won’t Affect Your Sleep, and Other News.

Video: Winter Training

While my trails are still unrideable with 12+ inches of snow cover, I do have miles and miles of dirt road. http://youtu.be/lF7xMF0Z1M8

Yeah…It’s Cold, But I Have to Ride

Winter training

Had to just suck it up and ride…19 degrees

I just couldn’t stand to be on the trainer again today. I started a treadmill running program that didn’t last as long as the plan said it should. I’m not a runner. But I’m trying. I want to race one or two off-road duathlons this year, and the first one is in late April. I’m not expecting to be a runner, but I do want to be able to get through the run leg at a reasonable time…and without walking. So three days a week on the treadmill.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll forgo the bike on those days. I’ll still ride. And as I was getting ready to ride the trainer today, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I wanted to ride outside.  Actually, I wanted to ride my new Cannondale Salpel 4 29er. The only problem was that it was 19 degrees out. Okay, this will be the coldest that I have ever biked. I have a theory about keeping warm…keep the top warm and the bottom is warm. I had two layers under my bib shorts and five layers on top…base layer, Hammer Nutrition long sleeve running shirt, Hammer Nutrition long sleeve t-shirt, Hammer Nutrition long sleeve jersey and Hammer Nutrition cycling jacket. The jacket was the key to it all. It blocked the wind from even having a chance to get through the other layers.

With cold weather in the extended forecast, I had to suck it up and get out there and ride in the cold. If I could handle 19 degrees, I can handle 20′s and 30′s. Hmm, 45 will be shorts weather.

New Sponsor: AXO Sports

AXO Sports

AXO SX Gloves and Berm Shoes

I signed on with AXO Sports for sponsorship to wear their cycling shoes and gloves. For the 2014 season, I will be wearing the AXO SX Gloves and Berm Shoes. I’m excited about riding for AXO…many years ago, when I had my bike shop, I carried AXO gloves as the only full finger glove that I stocked. I wore their gloves ~15 years ago and I excited to be wearing them again.

About AXO:

To develop, manufacture and distribute apparel, footwear and accessories for motorsport and cycle riding, for every level of riding skills: from beginner to champion. To help riders achieve and go beyond their limits in sports, thus better defining who they are as persons and enrich their lives and well being through the activity of those sports.

AXO Sport was established in 1978 and immediately became industry leader in footwear, clothing and protective apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts. Initially focused on the off-road, AXO quickly broadened its range of products. Today AXO provides its customers with a full set of gear from head-to-toe for street and motocross riding. AXO’s range of products is constantly evolving; new and innovative items are developed daily, to suit the needs and ever-changing tastes in the motorcycle apparel market. Super-moto and free-styling are now part of AXO’s priorities and a mountain-biking collection has recently been added to AXO’s catalogue. Not to mention the lifestyle collection, which suits motorcycle lovers when off the bike. In 2003 Axo America Inc. was established; it is a vibrant commercial center and an important R&D location. Based in California, AXO America researches the American market at the core, to expand and improve AXO’s collection and explore international trends.

AXO put together a crew who is dedicated to the two wheels; the design and R&D departments are on a continuous quest to find the best materials and design applications for racing and riding. This restless effort brought AXO at the top and made it a reference brand internationally in its market. To keep this real, AXO sponsors riders in MotoGp, Superbike, Supercross, Motocross, Supermoto and other side championships. Technicians and designers work together, using sophisticated machinery to guarantee the best quality of our products and to offer the highest safety to all riders. Today, AXO is the only brand that can give its riders all they need from head-to-toe for both off-road and street riding; this confirms that customer satisfaction and product diversification are our main goals.

We understand the needs of all riders, because we are riders ourselves, and we are the first to test our products. In creating our items we also follow the advice of our champions, who, with more experience and sensitivity, can better test suits, helmets and boots in extreme situations: on the tarmac at 300 km/h, over a triple or through a mud bog!

Nothing compares to Recoverite | Hammer Nutrition

I’ve been saying this for a long time. Sure, chocolate milk for recovery may be better than nothing, but do yourself a favor and recover properly. I’m not a medical expert…I’m not a scientist…but I know what works for me…Hammer Nutrition’s Recoverite! So, here is the Hammer Nutrition article that shows how Recoverite it the better choice for recovery.


Before you jump on the chocolate milk “bandwagon,” take a closer look at it in comparison to Recoverite. Once you do, it’ll be clearly evident that Recoverite is the true ultimate recovery drink. Chocolate milk simply can’t compare when it comes to maximizing recovery.

CARBOHYDRATES – The nearly 12.5 grams of carbohydrate in 100 calories of chocolate milk is comprised of sucrose, lactose, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). If you’re at all serious about your overall health, let alone enhancing your recovery, you are likely trying to avoid excess sugar and HFCS in your diet.

Not only does 100 calories of Recoverite contain nearly 36% more carbohydrates than chocolate milk, none of them are in the form of simple sugars, lactose, or HFCS. Recoverite contains only complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) and a small amount of xylitolboth overwhelmingly better choices than the low quality carbs found in chocolate milk.

Nothing Compares to Recoverite...Not Even Chocolate Milk

Nothing Compares to Recoverite…Not Even Chocolate Milk

PROTEIN – Over 80% of the protein in chocolate milk is in the form of casein, and the remainder is in the form of whey. Based solely on its bioavailability, casein is a poor protein source for recovery, with a mediocre Biological Value (BV) rating of 77.

You’ll receive significantly more protein in 100 calories of Recoverite than you will with chocolate milk, and you won’t find inferior protein sources such as casein. Pure, 100% whey protein isolate is the ONLY type of protein in Recoverite, offering the following benefits:

The highest BV rating (154) of any protein source

A greater percentage of the all-important branched chain amino acids than any protein source

When it comes to optimizing recovery, whey protein isolate has absolutely no peer.

FAT – Whole chocolate milk has nearly 5 grams of fat in 100 calories, and the overwhelming majority of those are saturated . . . definitely not beneficial for recovery or overall health. Recoverite contains no fat, saturated or otherwise – end of discussion!

rBGH AND ANTIBIOTICS – Non organic chocolate milk may contain traces of unwanted hormones and antibiotics used in the beef and dairy industries. Recoverite contains none.


To get the full value out of all the time and energy you put into your training, you MUST put the highest quality fuel back into your body. Because recovery is such a key component of athletic performance, you simply can’t cut corners. When you compare chocolate milk’s profile to that of Recoverite, it’s abundantly clear that there’s really no comparison. Recoverite, not chocolate milk, is the true “state of the art” recovery drink! HN

Essential Mountain Biking Skills

This is a very good video to help you learn or improve your mountain biking skills. Even if you think, ” oh, I know how to do that” or “I don’t need this”, take the time to watch. Use  it as a reminder to keep you away from your bad habits.

2014 HRRT Central Park Race Series

The 2014 HRRT Central Park Race Series in Schenectady, NY has been posted. HRRT founder, Heather Rizzi, has been putting on some great and fun races at Schenectady’s Nature trails in Central park for many years now. The courses typically consist of approximately 5 miles of fast, rolling, singletrack. You can find the HRRT website here.

2014 HRRT Race Schedule

  • Sunday, April 20th- Easter Race
  • Sunday, June 15th- 2,4,6 Hour Endurance Race in Conjunction with Capital District Bicycle Expo
  • Sunday, June 29th – Singled Out in Central singlespeed race
  • Tuesday, August 5th- Hot Summer Nights #1
  • Tuesday, August 12- Hot Summer Nights #2
  • Tuesday, August 19- Hot Summer Nights #3
  • Tuesday, August 26- Hot Summer Nights #4
  • Thursday, October 30- All Hollows MTB Race
  • Thursday, November 27- Giving Thanks MTB Race

Full details and Online registration coming soon

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